A professional distributor leading to the future!

What will surprise us, what will make us happy or what will make us comfortabel in our daily life? Links continually ask itself to provide the best possible answers to these user-oriented questions in supplying products and services to the market.

Links is not just a distributor. It does not only literally links users with suppliers, but also provides planning, development and all the way up to users support for satisfaction and trust.

You can rely on the long-term relationship of trust that Links has developed among parts suppliers across the world, many retailers and media over the years.

Links is proud of it. Links will keep providing attractive products and services to customers by taking advantage of its know-how and backup as a leading distributor. So keep an eye on Links.

To retail customers

Links are always ready to supply you with a ride range of products as well as the latest computer components either in small or large lots.Links has its own warehouse to maintain a stable supply of products. The latest technical information and original promotional materials are always available to give you full support for more sales.

To manufacturers

Links has a capacity to supply a wide range of computer components for the system production by system integrators or OEM suppliers in a small lot. Links is always ready to propose the best possible solutions for specific applications, prices, lot sizes or desired delivery time. Please feel free to contact us.

To suppliers

Links provides the latest technical and product information to customers and users in a timely manner base on the product and marketing strategy shared with customers. Links build up a firm relationship with retailers through the support of floor management, inventory management, setting up promotional materials and other fine-tuned services for suppliers to develop their business.