Links creates values

Links develops the planning, products and sales of original products via broad network with manufacturers across the world.

These capacities, another great advantage of Links, make it possible to reflect the voices of end-users and retailers directly in product development.


Links private brand “iCharge”

iCharge series is one of the prime examples of original products by Links. It is a portable charging system that applicable to major cell phones as well as iPhone, iPod by Apple.

iCharge has three-way charging methods, by solar power, AC power and USB port. The latest model of iCharge is even lighter and compacter and overwhelmingly accepted by business persons who are often on the road or travel as well as students and housewives.
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Original merchandising goods

Links also proactively proposes attractive promotional materials to develop your sales.

Ask Linsk about your own specifications such as colors, corporate logo, package design, sizes and others. Links produces original promotional goods as you request.
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