Links is located in Akihabara, Tokyo and has its own support center, logistics, photo studio, Links SHOWROOM and conference room. These facilities enables Links to meet demands by end-users, retailers, suppliers and clients.

Head Office

The head office of Links is located in Akihabara, Tokyo. It has all of the main facilities including a support center, logistics, a conference room, a photo studio and a showroom. These facililties ensure a quick and reliable response for you.

You can totally rely on Links for developing business with all-around computer components.

Support Center

Links has its own proof center and a support center in house. These facilities enables Links to respond to claims or valuable information from customers in a prompt manner and to propose appropriate countermeasures to back to customers.

Important information from suppliers, retailers and end-users are all shared with Links. Over 10 years of a high reputation for supporting motherboards, in particular, is proven fact that Links has one of the best supporting system in Japan.


Links has its own logistics in Akihabara, Tokyo, a site that the latest computer components concentrate.

The distribution base, located in the same building where Links’ home office is, enables Links to supply goods quicker than anybody else and ensure prompt response to such as a request for product materials or customer support. A small lot order is also available from the warehouse.

Conference Room

Links has a comfortable conference room, within walking distant from Akihabara, available for you to have a good business talk.

The facility gives valued customers and suppliers great opportunities for close communication with Links. That will assure you of a satisfactory result. The conference room can take mutiple meetings at a time.

Photo Studio

Links is equipped with its own photo studio. Links photographs products rather in house than just waiting for images from suppliers, so that it will provide high- resolution images to end-users, retailers or media in a prompt manner.

Links always pay an utmost attention to what information customers are looking for or what the best way can be to appeal products.