Welcome to Links International !

Links International Co., Ltd is a leading distributor of computer components and peripherals. We have partnership and distribution agreements with major manufacturer including ANTEC, CORSAIR, COLORFUL, ECS, PHOTFAST, UBTECH, SAM LABS. With the strong relationship and in-depth information sharing with those manufacturers, we ensure to commit to Offering the latest technologies and products available for our customer and to deliver high quality products to the market. It is our mission to thrive as a leader in the Do-It-Yourself market.

What will surprise us? What will make us happy or what will make us comfortable in our daily lives? Links continually asksitself to provide the best possible answers to these user-oriented questions in supplying products and services to the market. Links is not just a distributor.Literally,It does not only “link”users with suppliers, but also provides your strategies, businessdevelopment and all the way up to customer support. You can rely on the long-term relationship of trust that Links has developed among parts suppliers across the world, many retailers and media over the years. We areproud of our long lasting relationship in the market. Links will keep providing attractive products and services to the market with our advantageousknow-how in the industryand historyas a leading distributor. So keep an eye on Links!